About me

My name is Alexander Jolly, I'm 21 and I've always been fascinated by computers and particularly the Internet. There is so much to do! I really enjoy music, especially, which is unknown and the 90s music.

For the past seven years I traveled the web and form myself on my computer. I had the opportunity to meet many friends, like CouPaul, Olivier Coué — a friend who is a developer and with whom I often work, Leoche — the creator of this wonderful site for listening to music, Alexis — art enthusiast or Corentin. They are all the people with whom it is interesting working.

I have accumulated some experience. But being in the studies I decided to drawn up my studies in this direction. With all I have learned now, here are the services I can offer to you.

Landed in Bordeaux in 2014 in order to make my computer studies, I started in creating site to apply what I've learned and earned money.

Why this website? It seems important to have a personal site on the web to be able to express myself. The primary purpose of this site is to show a part of what I created to interest you and maybe one day work together.

One day I will have to seriously put me to write on my blog. For the moment I publish some texts (in French) that I wrote as part of my studies, on event or about thing I love.

Thank you for reading so far, if you want to chat with me, feel free to contact me on social networks or email. All links are available at the bottom of the page.