Nameless — School project & UI/UX designer


Nameless is a personal & school project that I'm working on since January 2015 with Olivier Coué, Quentin Demellier and Gaëlle Calmels. The concept of this website is a chat that we can chat anonymously.

Nameless was realized with agile methods in school and we had almost 2 days to deliver a well advanced project that we had to design and develop.

Twitter Cover — @NamelessChat

The Challenge

We wanted to create a website where it's easy to create an account and start chat immediately after. Just like Chatroulette where we can chat with someone who's randomly chosen but without the webcam to prevent any overflows.

And now?

Currently Nameless is online in a first version, but we're gonna remake the project in school on Android during a mobile development module (we already started). The concept staying the same but it's gonna be on Android and we want to add some new features like smileys, photo sharing and notifications.

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